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Set of 6 complete shaped car kits - One of each shape. Each kit includes axle-ready shaped car, wheels and axles along with one instruction sheet total.

6 Shaped Car Kits (1 of Each Shape)

  • This price includes shipping, handling and tax. (except Washington State) We cut the basic shape and do some basic sanding. All you need to do with pre-cut pinewood derby cars is complete the sanding, paint your pinewood derby cars and slide the wheels on. This is great for younger derby peeps and for people without access to power tools. We send 1 of each shaped car we have in stock. Sometimes we have new fun shapes that we will also include, but you will get at least 6 different shapes. If you only want the 6 shown here, let us know and we can do that, too. (So sorry - we cannot ship internationally.)
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