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Pre-Shaped Pinewood Derby Car Kits

We can also supply pre-cut shaped pinewood derby cars for groups wanting to give their kids a head start on the process and eliminate the need for power tools. We cut the basic shape and do some basic sanding. All you need to do with pre cut pinewood derby cars is complete the sanding and paint your pinewood derby cars. This is great for younger derby peeps and for people without access to power tools. We send one of every shape such as the ones you see below with each pre-shaped 6 pack car kit (these are our standard patterns but sometimes we throw in a different fun pattern that we are working on). Each kit comes with shaped car, wheels, axles and instruction sheet. There is a minimum order of 6 cars (due to shipping costs).

If you have a shape in mind that you don't see, just send us a pattern and we will see what we can do.  YES, we can invoice or purchase order schools and other organizations. We are so sorry but we are unable to give further discounts for pre-shaped cars.

Please note - we are not Amazon! It takes 1-2 weeks to make your shaped cars plus a few days to ship. Please plan accordingly! If you have an emergency, you are welcome to reach out and we will do our very best to help if it is within our power. We DONT ship overnight, it's just too expensive with the weight!

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