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40 years of experience tells us that you won’t find a better product at a better price. Our dimensions of 7 inches long by 1 3/4 inches wide accurately duplicate the dimensions of the BSA block. We encourage you to shop around and compare prices. We can honestly say that we are not aware of any deal out there that is even close to what we offer. If you find one, please let us know.


Shipping is Already Included In the Price with NO Minimum Purchase
We ship our order through USPS Priority Mail, so you usually receive your order within a week of ordering. We ship on Mondays and sometimes on additional days as well. If you need it faster, let us know and we will do what we can but 7-10 days is standard. We are not Amazon - please give us lead time to get your order ready! Pre-shaped cars usually take 1-2 extra weeks to make, depending on size of order. FREE SHIPPING with every order!  If you want to return anything, customer pays for return shipping.
1 DOZEN CAR KITS            $52.95
2+ DOZEN CAR KITS        49.95/dzn

Order twelve complete car kits. Each dozen includes 12 wooden blocks, 50 wheels, 50 axles and an instruction sheet. We cannot ship internationally due to price. 

We pass our shipping savings on to you, our customer. Save $ by ordering more than one dozen car kits. Each dozen includes 12 wooden blocks, 50 wheels, 50 axles and an instruction sheet. We cannot ship internationally due to shipping costs and requirements. Sadly yes, this does include Canada.


"I have placed so many orders, trusting you and your company many times, I would say that no other company could ever create this fine work that you make. My package seemed like it was handled with amazing care, making sure that every individual block was handled with care. Hope that your company will soon be known around the world." Tom

We can also supply pre-cut shaped pinewood derby cars for groups wanting to give their kids a head start on the process and eliminate the need for power tools. We cut the basic shape and do some basic sanding. All you need to do with pre- cut pinewood derby cars is complete the sanding, paint your pinewood derby cars and slide the wheels on. This is great for younger derby peeps and for people without access to power tools. We send an assortment of 6 different shapes such as the ones you see above with each order of 6 cars. Each shaped car comes with wheels, axles and instruction sheet. Want a specific shape? Just ask and we'll do our best. There IS a minimum order of 6 shaped cars due to shipping costs.  We cannot ship internationally. We do need up to a week to make your custom cars so please factor that in to your timeline!

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