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Shape-n-Race supplies bulk discounted pinewood derby cars for Awana, Boys Scouts, schools and churches nationwide.  We love working with schools and churches, so let us know how we can help you with your pinewood derby race. Shape-N-Race has been making some of the best pinewood derby car kits available for over 30 years. By selling mainly in bulk, we are able to offer our cars at discount prices. The quality we offer equals or exceeds cars costing many times more. YES, WE HAVE BLOCK CARS IN STOCK - we may need up to a week to make your wedges/shaped cars.

Please note- our wheels are non-BSA sanctioned.  This is not an issue unless you are competing in a BSA-only race.  Our wheels are faster and not fair to compete against the slower BSA wheels.  


We ship our order through USPS Priority Mail, so you usually receive your order within a week of ordering. If you need it faster, let us know and we will do what we can but 7-10 days is standard. We ship on Mondays for sure and sometimes on additional days as well. We are not Amazon - please give us lead time to get your order ready! Pre-shaped cars usually take an extra 1-2 weeks to make, depending on size of order. FREE SHIPPING with every order!



  • Great Quality

  • Best Price

  • Fast/Free Shipping

  • Personal Service

  • Good Reputation

  • Always in Stock

Pinewood Derby Resources (a few of the very best sites for pinewood derby secrets)


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  3. Pinewood Derby Car Templates and Design Ideas

  4. Pictures Of Pinewood Derby Cars

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  6. History Of Pinewood Derby Cars

  7. What Does It Mean to Be An Official Pinewood Derby Car?

  8. Pinewood Derby Rules

  9. Pinewood Derby Car Blogs, Discussion Lists, and even more pinewood derby car resources

    • Derby Worx- an active board with lots of areas to chat in

    • Derby Talk- a friendly welcoming board that will help you learn all phases of pinewood derby car racing



"Dear Eldon,

We just received your package. Everything was as described. The quality of the wood was excellent and the packaging was top notch! As a first-time-cubmaster I want to thank you for making this a whole lot easier.   C. D. Boc"

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